2015 New Holland Agriculture Rolabar® Model 256

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New Holland Agriculture
Rolabar® Model 256


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Steel tine hitch and jack rake never used full warranty



You won’t leave any hay behind with the New Holland Rolabar® rake. Its unique design allows the tines to more closely follow the ground contours, while leaving the dirt in the field. The result is cleaner hay and more of it. Combine two Rolabar rakes with New Holland’s model 252 rake hitch and double your productivity.

Model Features
  • Ground-Driven Model 256: For fast raking in a compact size, the Model 256 is a great, ground-driven choice. With an 8-foot, 6-inch raking width, it’s easy to maneuver in small fields, yet provides excellent durability. Since both wheels drive, you get uniform windrows on both right and left turns.
Structural Benefits
  • Clean Raking, with Easy Height Adjustment: Offset wheels on the Rolabar® rakes are set close to the basket, so the tines closely follow the ground contours for cleaner raking. Height-adjustment cranks permit easy raising or lowering of either side of the basket for ideal ground clearance. Crank arm locks prevent arms from changing position over rough terrain.
  • Built for Tough Use and Long Life: The ground-driven models use heat-treated gears and heavy-duty universal joints that require only minimum lubrication. Single ball bearings on the models 57 and 256, and double ball bearings on the models 258 and 260 provide long life and low maintenance.
  • Easily Customize Windrow Density: Proven basket suspension on all models provides a full range of settings. Move the ball control to the top position and tines tilt forward for fluffy, fast-drying windrows. Or move the ball control down and tines tilt rearward to produce more compact windrows.
  • Plenty of Options: To customize your Rolabar® rake, a variety of options are available, including: Flow control kit for hydraulic rake; Dual wheel attachment; Stripper bar support; Wide tire adapter; Dolly wheels
Rake Hitch
  • Dual Raking Saves Time: Cut man hours, fuel consumption and tractor time in half, while doubling your raking productivity with the Model 252 pivot-tongue rake hitch. It lets you configure two Rolabar® rakes to take two separate windrows or make one giant windrow.
  • Model 252 Pivot-Tongue Rake Hitch: Transport, operate and adjust two Rolabar rakes without leaving your tractor seat using the Model 252 rake hitch. It provides the flexibility of mounting two rakes to operate in tandem, taking separate swaths, or in a V-shape to combine two windrows into one. The 252 hitch works with either 8½- or 9½-foot rakes, ground or hydraulic driven.
  • Raking width: 8’6” (2591 mm)
  • Width overall: 10'3" (3124 mm)
  • Height overall: 4'4" (1321 mm)
  • Length overall: 10'1" (3073 mm)
  • Wheel Tread: 5'6" (1676 mm)
  • Transport Speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Operating Speed: 2 to 7 mph (3 to 11 km/h)
  • Weight, approx.: 790 lbs. (358 kg) less tires
  • Main frame: 4" (102 mm) channel, cross-braced with heavy tubular members
  • Basket: One piece; welded heavy steel angle
  • Gearbox (ground drive): Heat-treated gears and clutch running in grease on tapered roller bearings
  • Drive Housing: None
  • Tine bars: 5, standard high carbon
  • Tines: Steel or rubber-mounted
  • Number of tines: 90
  • Tine Bar Bearings: Single ball bearing
  • Drive: Ground
  • Delivery: Left-hand



Working Width
8 ft. 6 in. (2591 mm)
10 ft. 3 in. (3124 mm)
777 lb. (352 kg)