2014 Dixie Chopper XCaliber - 3374


175 Hours
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Ceresville New Holland, Inc.
Dixie Chopper
XCaliber - 3374


Dealer Insights

Owner's personal machine never used commercially, 33 HP Generac engine with 74" deck 15 mph ground speed, springer forks for excellent ride quality. True Industrial machine, only 175 hours!


Founder Art Evans spent years developing and perfecting the XCaliber before launching the series in 2007. The XCaliber is equipped with all of the “Plus” features as standard equipment including an electric deck lift, springer forks, a suspension seat, an Operator Controlled Discharge Chute (OCDC), and the famous X2 “Wind Tunnel” Deck.

The X2 Cutting Sytem has a 2” blade overlap for maximum cutting efficiency, and features Dixie Chopper’s “Wind Tunnel” design. This design creates a low pressure area for clippings to move effortlessly through the deck before discharging. The wind tunnel eliminates grass build-up on the leading edge of the deck and ensures consistent vacuum. Visit your local dealer to experience the XCaliber difference!

  • The XCaliber features Dixie Chopper's patented Turf Boss® tires on every model. The high flotation Turf Boss® tires have a reversed ATV-style tread pattern to maximize traction without damaging turf.
  • Springer Forks come standard on all XCaliber models. The Springer Forks produce a more enjoyable ride for the operator by absorbing imperfections in the turf. These forks are built in our manufacturing facility and have a lifetime warranty against breakage.
  • Fully adjustable suspension seat (forward, back, recline, and lumbar) creates a smoother and more enjoyable ride for the operator.
  • The XCaliber X2 Cutting System features the "Wind Tunnel" design that produces an unmatched quality cut. With high vacuum, discharge, high blade tip speeds and an industry leading 2" blade overlap, this deck is the best in the industry.
  • The XCaliber features Dixie Chopper’s heavy-duty deck spindles on every model. The deck hubs feature a deep groove pulley with machined holes and a cooling fan. The pulley and fan help keep the spindle and belt cool while keeping the deck clean. No other manufacturer combines these features!
  • Manufacturer: Generac®
  • Horsepower: 33 hp at 3750 rpm
  • Displacement: 992 cc
  • Crankshaft: Vertical Shaft
  • Oil System: Gear-Driven
  • Oil Safety Features: Low oil warning horn (98 db)
  • Additional Filtration: Amsoil 1 Micron Filter
  • Air Cleaner: Donaldson Dual Stage
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Battery: 12 Volt, 475 cca
  • Charging System: 17 Amp Alternator
  • Presence Control: Seat Switch Safety Shut-off
  • Hour Meter: Digital, Tachometer, Voltmeter, Service Alerts
Fuel System
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity: 14 Gallon
  • Fuel Valve: 3 Position/Shut-off
Drive System
  • Pump: Hydro-Gear® 21 Series
  • Wheelmotors: White® 24 cu.in.
  • Directional Control: Independent Steering Levers
  • Blade Engagement: PTO Switch
  • Deck Height Adjustment: Electric Lift, 1/4 in. Increments
  • Ignition: Key Switch
  • Throttle/Choke: Standard
  • Deck Deflector: OCDC - Operator Controlled Discharge Chute
  • Parking Brake: Automotive Style
  • Frame: Welded 6 Rail Steel Tube
  • Fenders: Stainless Steel
  • Drink Cooler: Standard
  • Floor-pan: Flip-up, Stainless Steel with Rubber Mat
  • Seat: Deluxe Suspension Seat with Armrest
  • Engine Guard: Standard
  • Springer Forks: Standard
  • Towing Capacity: 2000 lb.
Mower Deck
  • Deck Size: 74 in.
  • Construction: 7 ga Formed & Welded
  • Top Plate: 7 ga bolted not welded
  • Blades: 3 - 26 in. Blades
  • Tip Speed (approximate): 18,000 fpm
  • Spindle Housings: 1 pc. Keyless Sealed Cast Iron
  • Spindles: 1.25 in. Effective Diameter Machined Shaft
  • Anti-Scalp Rollers: Standard
  • Pulleys: Vented Split 3/16 in. Steel Deep Groove
  • Electric Deck Lift: Standard
  • Deck Quick Lift: Standard
  • Rear Tires: 25 x 12 x 9 Turf Boss III Tubeless 4 ply
  • Front Tires: 15 x 6 x 8 Tubeless 4 ply
Dimensions & Performance (Approximate)
  • Acres/Hour: 6.6 Acres Per Hour
  • Cutting Height: 1.5 in. to 5 in.
  • Overall Height (rollbar up): 76 in.
  • Overall Height (rollbar down): 49 in.
  • Overall Width: 76 in.
  • Overall Length (rollbar up): 86 in.
  • Overall Length (rollbar down): 102 in.
  • Overall Weight: 1502 lb.
Available Accessories
  • Sun Shades: Available in soft and hard top versions in black or white. Fit all machines with ROPS.
  • Snow Blade: Turn your Dixie Chopper into a year-round money-maker with the addition of our snow blade kit. Available for most 44" through 74" mowers; check with your Dixie Chopper dealer for model compatibility.
  • Zebra Striping Kit: The Zebra Striping Kit enhances the striping quality of your Dixie Chopper. Available for most models. See your Dixie Chopper dealer to verify compatibility.
  • Light Kit: (2) 50-watt halogen driving lights with pre-terminalized wiring harness and illuminated rocker switch.  Can be mounted on front or on rollbar. Part number 900366.
  • Turf Tech Tire: Turf Tech Tires are available for Classic and XCaliber models which come standard with Turf Boss tires. 26x12-12 Part Number 400332; 24x12-12 Part Number 400285.
  • "Run Flat" Tire: Keep mowing even with a flat tire. Available in 13 x 6½  x 6 (part number 400130) and 15 x 6 x 6 (part number 400129).
  • Magic Mulcher: Enhances mulching capability and helps keep the underside of deck clean. Part number 30302.
  • Easy Reach: Pick up trash and other objects without leaving the seat of your mower. Comes with holster and litter bag. Kit Part number 902722.  May be purchased separately; Easy Reach (part number 900001) and holster (900002)
Acres per hour is calculated on 80% operator accuracy and mowing conditions with an optimum cutting height of 2.5 to 4.5 inches.



Engine Manufacturer
Horse Power
33 hp
992 cc


Hydro-Gear® 21 Series; Wheelmotors: White 24 cu. in.
Wheel Size
Rear: 25 x 12 x 9; Front: 15 x 6 x 8
Fuel Capacity
14 gal.


Deck Size
74 in.
Discharge Type
Side; Optional: Mulch