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Engine Oil Filters

Part Number Model Numbers
E6201-32443 LB2204,LB2614,LK2554,LK3054,LK3504, DK45S,
DK35SE&HSE,40SE&HSE,CK27,CK35, CK35H,LK30,CK25,CK25H,CK30,
CK30H,DK35,DK40,DK45,DK50 DK50SEH, DK55, DS4110, DS4510
E5205-32091 LB1714, CK20, LB1914
E7200-32431 DK65, DK65S
2654407 DK90C
E7312-32431 DK75C

Hydraulic & HST Filters

Part Number Model Numbers
84612-38120 LB2204, LB2214, LB2216, LB2614
T2305-38831 LB1914, LK2554, LK3054, LK3504
T4620-38032 DK35, DK40, DK45, DK45S, DK50, DK55, DK65, DK65S, DK35SE, DK40SE, DK45SE, DK90C, DK50SE,
DK75C, DS4110, DS4510
T4260-38125 CK20, CK20H
CK20H, CK25H, CK27H, CK30H, CK35H
T2185-38031 CK25,CK25H,CK27,CK30,CK30H,CK35, CK35H, LK30,LK3054

Fuel Filters

Part Number Model Numbers
76KD-10331 LB1914,LB2204,CK20
26560017 DK65
26560201 DK75C, DK90C
DK65S, DK75C, DK90C
26560163 DK65S
C7310-43172 DK55
T4682-43172 DK55
84612-43160 CK25, CK27, CK30, CK35, DK35SE & HSE, DK40SE & HSE, DK45SE & HSE, DK50SEH
LK30, LK3054, LK3504, LK2554, DK35, DK40, DK45

Air Cleaner Elements

Part Number Model Numbers
E5405-11222 LB1714, LB1914 LB2204, LB2214, LB2614
15307-11081 LK2554, LK3054, LK3504
E6300-11081 DK35, DK40, DK45, DK50, LK30, LK3054XS, LK2554
E6300-11091 DK35, DK40, DK45, DK50, LK30, LK3054XS, LK2554
E7100-11081 DK65
E7100-11091 DK65
E7230-11081 CK25, CK27, CK30, CK35, CK35H, DK55, DK45S, DK35SE & HSE, DK40SE & HSE,
DK45SE & HSE, DK50SEH, DS4110, DS4510
T2350-11641 CK20
T4710-11081 DK65S
T4876-11081 DK75C, DK90C

Additional Parts
Partial List Only-Please call 800-331-9122 or e-mail for additional parts in stock or available by special order.

Part Number  Description 
C7310-43172  Fuel Filter 
E6201-32443  Oil Filter V 
T4620-38032  Filter, Hyd. V 
E7230-11081  Ass'Y Element 1 V 
E5405-11222  Element,Air Cleaner 
T2350-11641  Assy,Element 
T4710-11081  Element Ass'Y Outer 
E6300-11081  Element,Aircleaner(Out) 
E7100-11081  Element,Aircleaner(Out) 
E6300-11091  Element,Aircleaner(In) 
E7100-11091  Element,Aircleaner(In) 
15307-11081  Element,Aircleaner 
T4876-11081  Element 
E6301-65512  Glow Plug V 
T4630-42311  Ass'Y 4Wd Lamp Switch 
26001-0090  Cinematic Kit V 
T4625-B0100  Starter Switch Assy W/Key V 
T2540-41133  Ass'Y Starter Switch V 
T2198-69951  Relay V 
T2305-33862  Bulb(12V35W) 
E5205-32091  Filter,Engine Oil 
E7200-32431  Oil Filter 
2654407 Filter, Oil 
26560017 Element, Fuel Filter 
76KD-10331  Fuel Filter 
84612-43160  Filter, Fuel Element 
T4682-43172  Filter,Fuel V 
26560163 Fuel Filter Element Kit Dk65S 
T2195-38031  Filter,Hyd Hst 
26560201 Element V 
T2185-38031  Filter, Hydraulic 
T4260-38125  Oil Pressure Filter 
T4125-38021  Filter, Hydraulic V 
T4625-75191  Key 
T2545-41151  Key 
T4810-A0001  Key 
J1-2888-2008S Paint, Black (Spray 12Oz) 
J1-2888-2008T Paint, Black(Touch Up) 
10K55  Paint, Gray (12 Oz. Spray) All Models 
11TU55  Paint, Gray (1/2 Oz. Touchup) Early Models 
J1-2886-2005S Paint, New Orange (12 Oz. Spray) 2005/+ 
J1-2886-2005T Paint, New Orange (1/2 Oz. Touchup) 2005/+ 

To order parts please call Ceresville New Holland at (800) 331-9122.

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